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Narrative from the Holy Week Travellers' Homepage 

St. Joseph's Parish ( Tagbilaran City) - The interior of the church was quite beautiful. There were also paintings on the ceilings which had been very well kept. I also took a picture of the church's exterior. But it took awhile though before I could get a group picture with the church as the backdrop since it was situated on a major road where different types of vehicles kept on passing by. 

Sta. Cruz Parish (Maribojoc) - This church was quite a puzzle for us at the start. We couldn't seem to find a door! Plus, the exterior was kind of weird for a church façade, it was too plain! Since we're inquisitive by nature, we went at the back. Only then did we realized that that was the church's front and not where we came from. He! He! He! As in St. Joseph's Parish in Tagbilaran City, Sta, Monica Parish boasts off with very good paintings on the ceilings. Although not as well-maintained as that in Tagbilaran, still, it was a very good sight.


Lady of the Light Parish ( Loon) -  According to our bible, this church houses the miraculous image of Casila or Lady of the Light. Asking a local who passed by, we asked where the image was and she pointed to the image displayed in front of the church. Oh… The church was closed so we weren't able to explore the entire compound. We also didn't see the 154 steps believed to be the longest stairway in the country, which connects the church to Napo, former seat of the town.


Calape Church (Calape) - This is a newly renovated church which was painted light blue, it looked like a birthday cake! We weren't able to go inside because the church was closed. Most of the churches were closed in preparation for the Good Friday and Eater Sunday activities. 

Tubigon Church (Tubigon) - Although we all agreed to go straight to Clarin, we asked our driver, Manong Felix, to stop the vehicle when we saw the church in Tubigon. The church was very beautiful; add to that the cast of the dramatic colors of the sunset. That was something we can't pass. So, we all went down and had our pictures by the road.

The Clarin Church (Clarin) - This one compared to the other churches we've been to yesterday, was quite nice to look at - the church had been renovated recently. Still, Clarin Church exudes the same artistic style with the paintings on the ceiling.

St. Isidore the Farmer Parish (Bilar) - We had no intention of getting off at Bilar for some sightseeing. But when we passed by the St. Isidore the Farmer Parish, we had to shout to Manong Felix to stop! The church was simply beautiful to let it pass without taking a souvenir photo. And so we all went down and took a picture of the church. We didn't stay long because a procession was coming towards the church, and we didn't want to get in their way.

Loboc Church (Loboc) - The church exterior still exudes its ancient beauty. At its right was an unfinished bridge, which seemed puzzling to us. An unfinished bridge in the middle of the highway? HA???

Most Holy Trinity Church (Loay) - Like the other churches in Bohol, the church has very good paintings on its ceilings. However, most of it were not maintained quite well.


Sta. Monica Parish (Alburquerque or Albur, for short) - The church had a central tower which we planned to climb up, but retreated when the wood plunks didn't seem sturdy anymore. The church also had a bridge going to the seminary which served as a passageway and a shortcut for priests during the earlier times.


Immaculate Concepcion Parish (Baclayon) -  The church, which is the oldest stone church in the Philippines, built in 1595, was very baroque in style and still exudes the same artistic quality as in the other churches we've visited. The church also had its own museum that has an entrance fee of 20 pesos. We did not go inside the museum anymore, and instead, went to the Baclayon market to look for Mr. Jojo Baritua of the Pamilacan Island dolphin and whale watching tour.


Assumption of Our Lady (Dauis) - Too bad the church was closed (again!), we were told that it was one of the most beautiful churches in Bohol.


Pamilacan Chapel 


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